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Complete and Partial Dentures

A complete denture is a full-mouth device that replaces natural teeth and supports cheeks and lips, restoring the shape and function of a smile. Gone are the days when prostheses were fixed with sticky adhesives made from large plastic plates that were fixed with glue. Dentures offer several health benefits when replacing missing teeth.

A bright white set of teeth can improve your smile, especially for those with missing teeth or those whose restoration has failed. Dentures are implanted as artificial, removable teeth that wear out over time and replace natural teeth that are lost due to illness, injury or other causes. These long-lasting, durable fittings improve general speech, chewing and oral function, and reduce the risk of tooth decay in the long term.

Dentures are also an excellent alternative to dental implants, but at prices that are ten times lower. If only a few teeth need replacing, partial dentures can be a perfect way to get a full smile, especially for people with a limited number of teeth.

If one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures can be used with or without a bridge. A removable partial denture bridge usually consists of a replacement tooth attached to a pink or rubber-colored plastic base, sometimes connected to a metal frame that holds the denture to the mouth. The bridge is then cemented in place of the natural tooth and then with the help of dental implants. When a crown is placed over the lateral space of the tooth, a fixed bridge can replace another tooth by attaching an artificial tooth to it.

One partial denture fills the gap created by the missing tooth and prevents the other tooth from changing its position. A precise partial denture is removable and has a clamp attached to the adjacent crown.

When all of your teeth are missing, complete dentures can replace them. These are the type of dentures that you typically see in cartoons and movies. Technology has improved in recent years, making them more comfortable and natural-looking than ever. We can determine if this is the best way to replace your teeth or if an alternative solution will help you to achieve your goals. If you proceed with getting a complete set of dentures, your gums will be healed and ready in 8 to 12 weeks after your teeth have been removed. Following teeth removal, the bones and gums will start to shrink. By waiting for up to 12 weeks, you can be sure that your set of complete dentures will fit securely. Many patients throughout El Cajon California prefer not to wait and get immediate dentures. This solution does not require a waiting period, but there will be adjustments later on after the gums and bones have settled into their permanent size.

If you decide to have a complete or partial denture, Dr. Dalia Jamma at Singing Hills Dentistry in El Cajon will examine your mouth and discuss possible alternatives with you. She can help you choose the prosthesis that is best for you, based on the cost of the dentures, the associated costs, and the time and effort required.

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