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Invisalign® Vs. Clear Braces

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment that tightens your teeth. They are custom-made, clear braces that cover the teeth and gently pull them into the right position over time.  They are less noticeable than conventional metal closures because they are clear and can be removed easily. Most people want to improve their smile and believe that traditional metal braces are the only option.

Straighten Your Smile With No Wires or Metal Brackets 

Advantages of Invisalign® compared to traditional braces

With Invisalign® Clear Braces, there are no metal clips or wires that affect your smile during treatment. You can align all your teeth at any time without the need for metal clasps or metal clips on wires.

Whether you are a parent who needs orthodontic treatment for your child or an adult who has postponed treatment for years, Invisalign® is an effective and discrete solution. We offer the best inexpensive Invisalign® treatments at Singing Hills Dentistry in El Cajon to help you own a beautiful smile.

First of all, you should understand that there are different levels of Invisalign® Clear Aligners, depending on the complexity of the malocclusion described. Clear braces are used to close gaps in the teeth. After an examination and x-ray of your teeth, we can discuss whether Invisalign® is the right orthodontic treatment for you. Both adolescents and adults can use Invisalign®.

With Invisalign®, you simply switch to an aligner that is created according to the treatment sequence determined by the dentist. You can make an appointment with a dentist to discuss whether it is the right dental alignment treatment for you.

Designed specifically for patients, Invisalign® removes many of the drawbacks of traditional braces and takes less time to straighten teeth. To ensure that your teeth remain in the correct position, your dentist can make you wear an Invisalign® retainer after the treatment.

When considering orthodontic treatment options, it is important to know the advantages of Invisalign® over conventional braces. The alignment is clear, making it less noticeable than metal struts, and instead of being cemented or glued to metal, the clear strut is completely removable and requires no maintenance.

The advantage of Invisalign® compared to traditional braces is that you do not have to slow down. You can straighten your teeth, and still hang out with your friends, smile boldly in pictures, eat all the foods that you love and never worry about your teeth. When you wear braces, you have to think about your teeth constantly. With Invisalign®, you have the freedom to enjoy life and live it your way – without restriction.

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