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Do you know what a Dental Implant really is? Are you in need of one but don’t really understand how it works? I am here to explain to you all you need to know! An Implant Is a permanent solution for missing teeth. The process of implants is not a 2-week process. For a clean job, done right to last you a lifetime, it normally takes up to 5 months. Th process of Implants normally starts off by doing a CT Scan. Following a Ct Scan, we have the doctor check the bone level. We then schedule an appointment to do an Implant post, that we can also have sedation done on the patient for dental anxiety. 4 months after we do a CT Scan, and Stage 2 Surgery at the same time. Healing abutments are done, then wait 2 weeks for the gum to shape around it. Passing another 2 weeks we then do a final scan, order the crowns from the lab, and schedule a 2-week appointment for the delivery of the crown. A crown is used to protect and cover damaged teeth! The process is long but worth it in the end. Our talented Dr Jamma takes care of the patient as well as putting in her dedication and effort to making the patient happy with the end results. Having single or multiple implants done is a better option for missing teeth. Bridge and Partial Denture effects other teeth and needs to be replaced 10-15 years down the road. Implants if they are maintained well, they can last you a lifetime! We offer an easy payment process for implant procedures, as our pricing is reasonable! It is a long process, but your smile will be glowing after! 

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Dentist in El Cajon & San Diego, CA

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